Writer: Jodi Cahyo Wibowo

School: SMK PGRI 2 Kediri

The writer would like to start this writing from the basic problems of less skills of English which is spoken by more than 400 million people a day in all over the world. The most likely cause of less English skills is unawareness of the importance of international Lingua Franca. This article is to be used as the trigger for us to get the betterment of Indonesian human resource as the most important factor to adapt in international relationships of politic, social, and economy. The first criticism appears from this article for all the people in the world is illiterate in this modern society. Nowadays, illiteracy doesn’t mean someone is not able to read or write the alphabet but someone who doesn’t want to study more about information, inter-personal, and international communication skills. It belongs to the illiteracy in form of the modern life.

We hereby ought to push the existence of it as the greatest part of human being to get the real skills and proficiency of English as Lingua Franca. It can bring us into harmonic and easy intercourse as leverage of better worldwide order. There is no strong improvement of English  skills and proficiency of young generation of Indonesia upheld by stakeholders of this nation. The number of schools which has a cooperation with qualified international institutions of English test and training like TOEIC is still less and partially -done. The writer would like to support the National Educational Department of Indonesia holds officially cooperation with qualified institutions, such as TOEIC in all over schools. The existence of international institutions must be as integrity of obligatory program to standardize the needs of international markets or business and relationships . The writer is really eager to discuss and donate the notions about  how  human civilization, especially young generation of Indonesia who is aware of the importance of global intercourse is well-upgraded. Four independent variables are very significant being learnt and massively implemented to gain the dependent variable on the title above.It can be as the entry point being successful, especially for Indonesian millennial today. Denouncing all of these is a must for creating the real progress of professional performances in many strategic sectors.

I really want to see the millennial of Indonesia owns the proficiency of English as a weapon to win this competition of global life, such as politic, social, and global economic challenge in 2030. Indonesia is being granted a golden period of population named Demographic Bonus. It means the productive population of Indonesia is greater than non-productive one. It can be very useful as entry point being the greatest nation concerning civilization and economic power in 2030. This period is believed as the crucial condition for our country. If we cannot prepare our young generation being ready to welcome it like capability of international communication, morality, and competence, we will glisten into something contradictive. We’ll lose the opportunity of this period. On the other hand, if we are ready to have excellent pillars of nation, it’ll be very possible to conquer the world and become great nation. Indonesia will cover workforce in this world. It also has the greatest productive age in Asia even in the world. Generating economy and life needs the international communication tools as Lingua Franca. The relationship among people tends being border-less, such as direct social or cyber world intercourse. There is no any significant barrier among people in this world.

The transaction of economy or business and social intercourse grow fast and unlimited. It can be seen from a lot of sorts of International Agreements like AFCTA, MEA, and etc. “Somehow the international language mostly used is English”. It can be a part of official language in the United Nation, International Summit Conferences, and etc. English has officially been noted by United Nation as the Lingua Franca concerning many aspects of international activities, such as  international airports, ports, business centers, and exported or imported products, then English as the internationally information centers and notices must officially be applied. Indonesia cannot be separated by international worldwide life rationalization to generate our economy and business. We have more stocks of workforce in the world recently. We can fulfill a lot of job vacancies in domestic and international ones. There are many countries have no enough productive age to uphold their economy. It’s our chance to become the most productive nation. Whether we like or not, the criticisms of English skills of our young age are like bitter pills, but it is healthy. The English proficiency of our young generation as active communication are far from excellent. They are still poor and low. It must be upgraded fast to welcome the greatest opportunity to compete in international stage. It’d better be as schemata for our young generation so that it can be as a weapon to conquer the world, and  being ready to welcome as the 7 greatest nations in 2030. Mastering English as international language can endorse the qualified young generation of Indonesia compared by other foreign ones.

A schemata is a kind of the organized actions and doctrines to improve our proficiency in all aspects of life. It must be well designed by someone. How can we do schemata of English skills to apply jobs and advanced educations? How to make English as schemata for young generation or millennial? It is necessary to invite a big hand of government to intervene the development of English of Indonesian people. English is still as the foreign language in Indonesia being contradictive to answer the global needs; therefore, we must change it into second language like Malaysia, Philippine, and etc. The Indonesian government must design the English learning effective and seriously like holding many kinds of training, such as TOEIC in every school officially. It is one of the best programs cultivated starting from the beginner like elementary to senior high school that can emphasize English skills and language. English skills are speaking, reading, writing, listening, and structure. Language is relating to pronunciation, grammar, and etc . We are to have serious programs to build English as the integrated requirement of any single part of this modernization. To prepare our future must be as schemata. What is schemata? It is such kind of obligation comes from their own willingness as their passion in English like following TOEIC’s programs and learning by acquisition, such as song, video, YouTube, and etc. The existence of credible institutions to do the tests of communication skills can help us to map the level of our English. One of them is TOEIC which provides the training and test for many people in all over the world. TOEIC’s programs have set the standardization of test relating to jobs and school preparations more than 40 years. It is very beneficial to measure our skills of English. Mastering  both English skills and language in verbal or non verbal is a must for all people in this global world. It hereby can be related to the skills of interpersonal. It is really significantly used to get the success to set our carrier and our real business in this global life. Indonesian young generation’d better own and prepare these ones  as the plus point being successful in sophisticated era. Interpersonal-skill is the capability owned by the individuals to communicate and share the ideas. It is done by someone who really understands significant cases, way outs, and multi-interpretations to give an enlightening for someone else as self-improvement. The millennial of Indonesia must have it as the capital to welcome the modern life. In conclusion, the topic is really valuable for us to act and behave as Indonesian millennial in welcoming the new civilization by increasing the potential things of English communication skills as Lingua Franca  spoken by most people in this world. We must have the real passion in English; therefore, it’ll be a part of our needs and life. “Somehow it can be as our schemata skills”. So here, finally, we will have interpersonal skill as the supporting part of our life being progressive and good carrier.

There are lot of nice values of an inspiring book ‘Black Swan´ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It describes something unpredictable as background of our change like the existence of internet had ever been discussed in this book. It also relates to international communication which is fast, accelerating, and border-less to bring impossibility to possibility. I would like to dedicate my notions concerning  the importance of this article to ease our international social -intercourse which is very open for anyone to penetrate the border of any single nation. TOEIC is one of greatest solutions to make illiteracy of English in the term of modernization becomes literate. Last but not least, this article can be as a part of intellectual notions through this competition. Hopefully it can be as the inspiring article for Indonesian people to create a way-out of  barriers in constructing the communicative approach toward the world rationalization of communication and interaction to gain the global goal of prosperity.

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